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4 Upgrades That Won’t Add Value To Your Home


Some will add definite value to your home, while you may not recoup the full costs of others. Check out these common upgrades that may cost more than they’re worth.

Putting In A Pool

Depending on the neighborhood you reside in, the costs and routine maintenance may keep buyers from paying top dollar for your home (think communities with many certain-season visitors, second homes, or 55+ communities). Also, safety concerns for young children may play a role in a buyer’s decision.

Highly Custom Design Decisions pattern

Keep upgrades fairly neutral, as no one wants to rip out something that’s been recently renovated because it’s not their style.


Permanent Bedroom Conversions

Combining two bedrooms to make a mega-closet may be a good idea for your lifestyle today, but going from a three to a two-bedroom house can hurt the value when you are ready to sell.

Incremental Square Footage Gains

Big changes, like converting a basement, can be a good decision. But smaller additions may create an awkward floor plan and cost more then the added value.

Want to know which upgrades will make your property the most marketable? Contact us today to set up your free consultation.

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What’s My Home Worth?

Tucson Power Group can help you with a residential sale or purchase anywhere in Southern Arizona. If you are in another area or state, we have a network of quality agents. Call us today, and we can help you find a competent agent in your town.

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