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3 Reasons to Think Twice (and 3 Reasons to GO AHEAD!)


  1. It’s Too Expensive
  2. The Location Isn’t What You Want
  3. You’re Unsure About Your Future Income



It’s Too Expensive: If it’s too expensive for your budget, that’s one thing. But you shouldn’t pay for something that’s overpriced relative to other nearby homes.

The Location Isn’t What You Want: The saying is true: you can change the house, but you can’t change the neighborhood.

You’re Unsure About Your Future Income: You should feel confident in your job security, or that you have savings needed to handle a temporary interruption in income.



  1. It’s The Home You Judge Others Against
  2. You Can See Yourself Living There
  3. It’s Got “Good Bones”



It’s The Home You Judge Others Against:  If you find yourself referring to one specific house even when you’re visiting others, it may be a sign.

You Can See Yourself Living There: You already have the living room furniture laid out in your mind – and it fits!

It’s Got “Good Bones”: Sure, maybe the wallpaper isn’t perfect, but things like light fixtures and carpet are easily customized to suit your style.


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