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4 Reasons to Google That Address

  1. four-reasons-to-google-that-addressFind Crime Reports And Data For Your Home And Environs
  2. To See The Maps
  3. To See If Megan’s Law Registrants Live Nearby
  4. To Learn About What’s Coming To The Neighborhood

downward-trend-imageFind Crime Reports And Data For Your Home And Environs: A search for an address or city and “crime reports” is most likely to turn up your local police or sheriff’s crime map or a list of local happenings. You’ll want to check if the home’s address is on any concerning lists, and see what the broader crime trends are like around the home, too.

To See The Maps:  Take a virtual walk around the block with Google’s Street View  and get a better sense of the neighborhood – especially if you’re relocating to a new place. And a satellite map can be really useful to get a broader lay of the land.

To See If Megan’s Law Registrants Live Nearby: Safety First. Megan’s Law requires law-enforcement authorities to make information available to the public concerning registered sex offenders in their neighborhoods. Googling your address and “Megan’s Law” will turn up a quick list of nearby registrants. Alarmism isn’t a good look, but this is information you should have.

To Learn About What’s Coming To The Neighborhood: Searching for the address,upcoming_events_icon neighborhood name, and city/state can also help you locate permit applications – particularly true for permits that require environmental or neighbor feedback. This way, you can know in advance about a new coffee shop coming in around the corner, or a large multi-year building project happening down the street.


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