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Moderation Is Key


When you’re ready to sell and considering what updates to make, it’s important to know what’s appropriate for your local market. Selling an outdated home or an overly improved home may mean money left on the table.

moderation-is-key-stats As your agents, our job is to help you maximize your bottom line. Before going renovation crazy in preparation to sell, give us a call and we will help you determine which upgrades  will lead to a more marketable, sellable property.

Want to know which updates will make your property the most marketable? Contact us today to set up your free consultation.

844-400-6040 or TucsonPowerGroup@gmail.com

What’s My Home Worth?

Tucson Power Group can help you with a residential sale or purchase anywhere in Southern Arizona. If you are in another area or state, we have a network of quality agents. Call us today, and we can help you find a competent agent in your town.

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