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6 Insider Tips To Make The Most Of Open Houses For Buyers


  1. Open Everything
  2. Take the Takeaways
  3. Take Pictures and Notes
  4. Check Out the Neighborhood
  5. Talk to the Seller’s Agent
  6. Take Your Agent


Open Everything: From doors to cabinet drawers, it’s the only way to get an accurate sense of storage – and to make sure you don’t miss a room!

Take The Takeaways: That extra paper may seem like a waste, but once you’ve seen more than a few houses, you’ll need something to help you keep  them straight.

Take Pictures And Notes: Again, it’s easy to forget what you saw where. The provided takeaways are a great start, but help yourself remember what you do – and don’t – like about a place.

Check Out The Neighborhood: Spend some time walking around the house. Are there close neighbors? What’s the traffic like? Remember, you don’t just buy a house – it’s the whole neighborhood.

Talk To The Seller’s Agent: Ask about recent updates and see if they’ve done any inspections yet. Find out if the seller has a timeline. The more you know about their needs, the more easily you can work around them – and put together a tempting offer if you love the home.

Take Your Agent: Some buyers may want  to check out places themselves, but it can be helpful to have your agent along for the ride. It helps us get a better sense of what you’re looking for, and we can get helpful insights from the seller’s agent if you’re interested.

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