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Price It Right!

In the past year, Sellers who priced their home at ‘market value’ experienced overwhelmingly better results than those who priced it high.



What is ‘market value’? The value (price) that the market (other houses also for sale) will support right now. When it’s time to sell, it doesn’t matter what you paid for your house, what amount you would like to be paid for it, what it appraised for 3 years ago, what the tax office says it’s worth, or how much it’s insured for.

The true value of your property is what a buyer is willing to pay for it based on:

  • Today’s market
  • Today’s competition
  • Today’s financing
  • Today’s economic conditions
  • The Buyer’s perception of the condition of the property
  • The location
  • Normal marketing time.


How can your home sell in today’s market?price-it-right

  • By improving the condition dramatically
  • By offering good terms
  • By improving the way the home shows
  • By adjusting the price

Price it right to sell faster, for more money, and with less hassle.

What’s My Home Worth?

Contact us today to find out the current market value of your home: 844-400-6040 or TucsonPowerGroup@gmail.com, or click the ‘What’s My Home Worth?’ link, above.

Tucson Power Group can help you with a residential sale or purchase anywhere in Southern Arizona. If you are in another area or state, we have a network of quality agents. Call us today, and we can help you find a competent agent in your town.


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