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The Tucson Real Estate Market Is Turning

In Tucson Arizona, the housing market is showing definite signs of a turnaround. Consider that median and average prices have been trending upward since September of 2011. Since this time last year; Home closings are up 9%, homes under contract are up 27%, months of inventory is down from 5.5 last year to 4.2 this year. The median price is up 2% over last year. Every agent I speak with indicates that things have picked up. The phones are ringing, and people are on the move. If you have been thinking about making a move in real estate, perhaps for investment, or an upgrade or downsize move, now is an ideal time especially with continuing record low interest rates. See what others are saying about Tucson. Investors are very aware of the real estate cycle. The following graph will illustrate why investors are buying up properties quickly.


What investors understand is to buy low and hold, or buy low and sell high. We are at a time in the cycle where most are forecasting rising rents and values. Whatever your real estate situation, we can help you with information, counsel, and premium service. Contact us today!


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One thought on “The Tucson Real Estate Market Is Turning

  1. The Real Estate market is such a funny thing, I would be interested in seeing what it looks like now!

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